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Full Moon Singing Bowl

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Step into a world of celestial resonance with our remarkable Full Moon Singing Bowl, a treasure born under the luminous embrace of the full moon. Crafted only once per month, these bowls hold the enchantment of that unique lunar moment, each becoming a symphony of authenticity and artistry.

Key Features

  1. Masterful Artistry: Handcrafted by 2nd and 3rd generation artisans from Kathmandu, Nepal, each bowl reflects a legacy of skill and expertise passed down through generations.

  2. Lunar Serenity: Infused with the peaceful energy of a full moon, this bowl resonates with the calming and harmonizing essence of celestial cycles.

  3. Symbolic Significance: The Full Moon Singing Bowl embodies a spiritual symbol of the full moon, representing enlightenment, renewal, and the cyclical nature of existence.

  4. Elevated Resonance: The synergy of craftsmanship and symbolism imbues the bowl with an elevated resonance, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and connection.

  5. Cosmic Alignment: Enrich your sound therapy and meditation practices with the cosmic alignment encapsulated within the bowl, bringing you closer to the rhythms of the universe.

  6. Collector's Treasure: With its unique creation process and profound symbolism, this bowl becomes a cherished piece for collectors and those seeking spiritual connection.

  7. Authentic Essence: Crafted with traditional techniques, the bowl's authenticity reflects the rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance of Nepal's craftsmanship.

  8. Mindful Meditation: Harness the serene energy of the full moon as you meditate with the bowl, deepening your mindfulness practice, full moon intentions and inviting moments of inner clarity.

Product Specification

  • Diameter: 5 inch - 11 inch
  • Weight: 500 gm - 2 kg approx.


  • 1 x Singing Bowl
  • 1 x Wooden Striker

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  • Handmade with love

    Supporting Artisans since 1983

  • Worldwide Delivery

    AuPost, DHL, FedEx, sfEpress

Singing Bowls
  • Hand Picked
  • Sustainably Made
  • Sound for Your Inner 'Self'
  • Directly working with Artisans


  • Clean with soft micro fibre cloth
  • Do not use Harsh Chemicals
  • Do not drop from Height